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Design for Hackability talk at JSConf.eu

I finally summoned the courage to watch my JSConf.eu talk, and (besides the 30 ums per minute) it isn’t so bad.

I talk about:

  • software eating the world
  • metamedia / metanetwork
  • hacking the wrong tools to get things done
  • potential for ux design in coding:
  • text interfaces to gui to touchscreens invited more people to use software, how can we invite more people to hack software?
  • design not for hackability
    (in this section I talk about how consumer electronics are not hackable, but I was happy to find out how I was wrong about that in this TED talk: Vinay Venkatraman: Technology crafts for the digitally underserved.)
  • layers of abstraction:
    making it easy to dive from gui to dataflow to code and back
  • demos, and the long tail of tool design
  • artistic potential
  • future plans and NoFlo