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DACS: digital/analog converter/synthesizer

I’ve been in NYC for a few days to interact directly with Eyebeam and Mozilla people to talk about future plans and potentials for Meemoo.org. From Thursday to Saturday was Art Hack Day at 319 Scholes in Brooklyn.

This diagram shows a concept that has been in my mind for one way to conceptualize the project: a frictionless digital/analog converter/synthesizer.

digital analog

(Edit 10/01: I realized that the old version of the diagram wasn’t really what I was thinking.)

The idea is that any of these should be easily mashed together to experiment with aesthetic possibilities. WebGL textures projected on clay forms, paper puppets animated with your voice, finger-paint textures on 3D graphics… This concept is extremely broad, and I still need to find ways to narrow the focus on a few easy activities that can introduce newbies to the toolset. I’m making a collection of “hack-tivities” as I come up with them.

We made this animated font in a rainy-day workshop. I snuck in some easy HTML hacking so that anybody can mix the letters into messages:
animated A

These “physical gif” animated images are now easy to make with Meemoo:


I’ll be making more of these introductory pathways to Meemoo as the project progresses.

too green and lush

There is a girl who I consider a sister, and we are going to meet her friends at their apartment, in NYC. There were parts of the stairway that were about 2’x4′, which made it quite difficult, especially with laundry racks and laundry hanging everywhere. Once we got into the apartment it was quite roomy though. I went down to a big picture window with an amazing view of the city, and walked outside to a big grassy hill. She and I walked down, and she told me she was going to get a sex change the next day, and I said I was really proud of her, and I’d have to get used to thinking of her as a little brother instead of sister. We went swimming in a big river, and it was really too green and lush to be NYC. I was wishing that I had brought my camera to take a long-exposure photo of the white water.