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karma and the multiverse

In which I describe a dream in which I describe an animated Batman movie. I’ve had fever and flu for a week now, and the dreams can be quite trippy.

Snow on the ground outside, a big house full of people. I needed to be alone for a minute, so I found a room upstairs. There was a small screen device on the desk. I pressed play and pointed it up and it projected all over the walls and ceiling, very immersive.


After watching for a while, I left the room and a friend asked what I had been doing. I felt guilty for being antisocial, but started talking about the plot of the movie, which involved nuking a city in a parallel universe. Apparently “karma” from that act didn’t follow the character back to their own universe.

If karma has basis in physical reality, I would think that it would have to be a property of the higher-level multiverse, so such an act would follow you back. (In terms of programming, a higher-level closure.) The closest that I’ve come to multidimensional travel is dreaming. Feelings (and karma?) do follow me back from those worlds. Lucid dreaming has been a valuable method of self-analysis, literally walking through my own mind and patterns.

hand in the fire

Last time I tried to put my hand in fire I looked away and didn’t feel any pain or heat, but when I looked back the flame was out. I decided that the next level is to watch and concentrate on my hand in the fire. I couldn’t find any fire this time, though. I should have conjured it up, but… that’s hard. Anyhow I found a shower and turned it to scalding and held my hand in the stream. It burned; I wanted to pull away, but I was able to remember that it wasn’t physical pain, and then it didn’t burn. It is probably easier for my brain to turn down the temperature in water than a flame, so I don’t consider this achieving the goal, but perhaps I am closer. I also dived through a plate-glass window, passing through without breaking it. That felt neat. It is strange how my dream goals get distorted.

tigers and pink flowers

in my dream tigers were all over the town, chasing and attacking us. i picked up a stool and a ruler to use as a whip, like an old-school lion tamer, but the one in the house turned out to be just a little tiger kitty. i threw him out by the scruff of his neck.

a few nights ago i had the most beautiful dream. three people were carrying me over their heads, with speed, in the shallow part of a lake. i was flying, arms out, through the branches of a tree with pink flowers. the people would respond to my shifts in weight, giving me full control over my flight.


Things have been busy enough that I have not had time to think, process, dwell. A cold knocked me out of the race this week though, slowing me down enough to do all of those things. I feel like I need to be back there.

Monday night I dreamt he was back. He was sitting on the dresser, behind the door. I went downstairs, and saw my dad, and told him that I was afraid that I was hallucinating. So my subconscious knows it he gone, but my subconscious’ subconscious does not? But dad acted as if I was just the last one to know that he was back. “We figured you would find out sooner or later.” I then woke up within the dream, and told people about the dream, and how it upset me, but then he was still there. Somehow I decided that I was not dreaming this time, so that made it more upsetting when I actually woke up.

My hacking cold confirmed that this awakening was real.

Thinking about Martha’s and then David’s voice cracking as they battled through The Happy Sunny Side Of Life really gets to me, every time. I need to be back there for some time soon.

dreaming in brasstown

I have been having lots of intense dreams the past couple of nights, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed and getting lots of sleep usually does that to me. Two nights ago I woke up several times with conflicting storylines fighting to make sense of themselves, but all this mind racing was very confusing and left me feeling a little unrested.

Last night at I was on a bus, on a camping trip somewhere between Brasstown and Mont Blanc. The driver was backing down the road, but it would have been easier for us to walk down. Somebody was outside directing the driver, but he would rev the engine to get a scream out of the girls. Backing across the bridge, he swerved as a joke, but overcorrected, and into the ravine we plunged. It was deep.

Swam up with all my might, but the suction of the bus was strong. Could see very clearly, and saw somebody struggling, so swam down to give him a hand. As I pulled him up we switched momentums and I started sinking like a rock. Got to the rocky bottom and prepared to launch myself upwards, but was running out of air.

Woke up as I breathed the cold water in.

too green and lush

There is a girl who I consider a sister, and we are going to meet her friends at their apartment, in NYC. There were parts of the stairway that were about 2’x4′, which made it quite difficult, especially with laundry racks and laundry hanging everywhere. Once we got into the apartment it was quite roomy though. I went down to a big picture window with an amazing view of the city, and walked outside to a big grassy hill. She and I walked down, and she told me she was going to get a sex change the next day, and I said I was really proud of her, and I’d have to get used to thinking of her as a little brother instead of sister. We went swimming in a big river, and it was really too green and lush to be NYC. I was wishing that I had brought my camera to take a long-exposure photo of the white water.