Forrest Oliphant

Open(Art) fellowship announced today


Today Mozilla and Eyebeam are announcing the Open(Art) 2013 fellows, and I'm one of them! :-D
I'll be using this opportunity to expand the capabilities of Meemoo and extend it into an open source web art community.

Coder analogy: Meemoo is a dataflow framework, where apps are made by connecting modules which encapsulate functionality like visual effects. The output of the apps could be a generative animation, stop-motion GIF, web cam effect, or (in the future) audio composition. These apps can be built, shared, and forked without leaving the browser.

Artist analogy: The community will be like a game of exquisite corpse, where the rules of the game as well as the media can be transformed with each step.

Input welcome!

[caption id="attachment_945" align="aligncenter" width="649"]well-spect we didn't plan this... jyri accused me of being a little over-specced (o_o-)[/caption]