Forrest Oliphant

Introducing PaintCam


I joined the Computational Photography course in November of last year. We were working towards presenting at Pixelache, and it was nice to have the goal of showing some work outside of our little Media Lab family here. I couldn't decide on one project, so I took on two: Slithering and PaintCam.

PaintCam is an extension of the MegaCam app that I started last year while living in beautiful Tomahawk, NZ. Some of these webcam toys were inspired by Lomo cameras, but this one goes beyond imitating analog photographic effects. My goal was to make a single-purpose application that allows you to composite short video loops in real-time. It works like a paint application, but instead of a color chooser you get the color, image, texture and motion from the webcam.

If you would like to try PaintCam, go to I don't have a one-click method for saving the animations yet, but if this form doesn't scare you off you can upload the 3x4 frame image to your favorite image host site and put the image url in. Send me any nice ones that you come up with.

It was fun to see people interacting with PaintCam and the other webcam toys in the gallery setting.

Sembiki-KaleidoCam-1300027890 Sembiki-KaleidoCam-1299939176 Sembiki-ScanCam-1299933667 Sembiki-ScanCam-1299929361

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