Forrest Oliphant

hand in the fire


Last time I tried to put my hand in fire I looked away and didn't feel any pain or heat, but when I looked back the flame was out. I decided that the next level is to watch and concentrate on my hand in the fire. I couldn't find any fire this time, though. I should have conjured it up, but... that's hard. Anyhow I found a shower and turned it to scalding and held my hand in the stream. It burned; I wanted to pull away, but I was able to remember that it wasn't physical pain, and then it didn't burn. It is probably easier for my brain to turn down the temperature in water than a flame, so I don't consider this achieving the goal, but perhaps I am closer. I also dived through a plate-glass window, passing through without breaking it. That felt neat. It is strange how my dream goals get distorted.