Forrest Oliphant

Sociograph 2.0


An idea that has been brewing for some time...

The 1.0 version was clunky, in Java, and relied on me racking my brain to figure out how everybody I knew was connected and entering the data manually. Day after day I would add to the dataset, until I finally realized that I was becoming obsessive and I had to stop, as the job was neverending. If we were even acquainted in 2002 you are probably in there...

But now it is 2008 and we have fun things like APIs to play with. The only data that I can get to easily to connect people is groups, but I would like this to have more connections graphed. The connections are shallower than my hand-coded graph, but infinitely broader.

I need 5 people to add it in order to release it into the wild, so if you think it is at all neat please do. All suggestions welcome, of course.