Forrest Oliphant

flash flurry of falling franklins


falling one dollar bills

Or Washingtons...

I got an interesting assignment from a design agency... they wanted to have a variable flurry of falling money in the background of an ad. It's always a challenge in Flash to balance filesize and looks, and when ads are to be run on sites they almost always have strict filesize restrictions, usually 40KB. Video is out of the question, and animating by hand would take ages, so this was a job for animating with ActionScript.

I thought it would be a good idea to not totally reinvent the wheel, so I searched around and found a great falling snow tutorial on Kirupa, with well-written, easy to modify code. This is what I came up with:

// flurry functions, adapted from
var billno:Number = 0;
dropbill = function () {
	width = Stage.width;
	height = Stage.height;
	max_billsize = 5;
        // "dolla" is the single animated horizontally spinning dollar
	t = attachMovie("dolla", "dolla"+billno, billno);
        // random location along the top of the movie
	t._x = -(width/2)+Math.random()*(1.5*width);
	t._y = -200;
        // random sizes for each
	t._xscale = t._yscale=50+Math.random()*(max_billsize*10);
        // gravity
	t.g = 10+Math.random()*2;
        // wind
	t.w = -1.5+Math.random()*(1.4*3);
        // they start falling with different angles
	t._rotation = Math.random()*360;
        // random angle on x-axis spin (animated)
        // so that they move
	t.onEnterFrame = mover;
	billno = billno<150 ? billno+1 : 0;
mover = function () {
	this._y += this.g;
	this._x += this.w;
	if (this._y>height+200 || this._x>width+200 || this._x<-200) {

The main difference between my script and Kirupa's is killing the movie clips when they reach the bottom of the screen. That way, the quantity of falling dollars can be controlled on the timeline.

// to make one dollar fall, put this on the timeline:

// to make two dollars per second fall, put this on the timeline:
countup = setInterval(dropbill, 500);

Check it out fullscreen: dollars_640x480.swf... only 16K! so I had plenty of wiggle room to work with the animated ad text. Now if only there were an easy way to automate ad layout four totally different size ratios :p