Forrest Oliphant

dreaming in brasstown


I have been having lots of intense dreams the past couple of nights, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed and getting lots of sleep usually does that to me. Two nights ago I woke up several times with conflicting storylines fighting to make sense of themselves, but all this mind racing was very confusing and left me feeling a little unrested.

Last night at I was on a bus, on a camping trip somewhere between Brasstown and Mont Blanc. The driver was backing down the road, but it would have been easier for us to walk down. Somebody was outside directing the driver, but he would rev the engine to get a scream out of the girls. Backing across the bridge, he swerved as a joke, but overcorrected, and into the ravine we plunged. It was deep.

Swam up with all my might, but the suction of the bus was strong. Could see very clearly, and saw somebody struggling, so swam down to give him a hand. As I pulled him up we switched momentums and I started sinking like a rock. Got to the rocky bottom and prepared to launch myself upwards, but was running out of air.

Woke up as I breathed the cold water in.