Flare: Flash data visualization toolkit

My interest in data visualization can be mapped in this order:

  1. Java Graph Layout demo — a small applet
    • I played with making cubes and snowflakes with the simple notation for adding nodes and edges
  2. Touchgraph — added navigation and metadata, xml datasets
    • undertook a project to connect everybody that I knew by how they knew each other called Sociograph (had to stop adding nodes after a while, was getting obsessed)
  3. Prefuse — improved on these concepts aesthetically, and added many new visualizations
    • almost inspired to learn Java, but never really dove into it
  4. SpringGraph — Graph layout concepts in Flex
    • created TagGraph with this and the Flickr API, which creates an almost limitless web of photos and tags in an easily explorable interface
  5. Flare — some of prefuse ported to ActionScript