Forrest Oliphant

Hire Fo!


I had two banjo gigs for the cloggers lasterday, in the morning at VGCC's cultural fair, and in the evening at Habitat's square dance benefit on campus. I also played for the dance with The Pickup Ramblers, which was good fun. Jaso called and gets mad props for his multivocalism antics in the walkthroughs.

Post-square dance Peter and I decided to busk for the Franklin Street collegiate drunkards, and made $4 in the fifteen minutes before our hands got cold, which, I realized, is more income than I've made since moving here on February 1st. Today I did get a small contract teaching Dreamweaver and Flash classes at the ArtCenter in Carrboro.

That's not until the summer, and I need to pay some billz now, so if you or your organization are looking for a blog, portal, storefront, podcast, and/or static site you should hire me. Friend rates and friendly rates apply, hosting and everything included. Check out my portfolio and drop me a line.