Forrest Oliphant

never grow old (where we'll) never grow old


I'm settling into Carrboro nicely. I'm crashing at Peter's house for now, and moving to a very nice room down the street in a couple of weeks. There is no internet here, but if the wind direction and speed are correct and I hold the compee just right I can borrow the neighbors'.

Tonight was the inaugural meeting of the Cheek Street Shape Note Singers. We are three, and the music has four parts, so we need one more, but the sound was there. The other two guys are music majors, so they didn't use the solfège, but I'll convert them yet. We pulled off Northfield (How Long Dear Savior), Idumea (And Am I Born To Die), and Where We'll Never Grow Old.

No job yet, but I have a couple of leads with a couple of local internet companies. I'm drinking a very nice Duck-Rabbit milk stout and about to head to dream land.