Forrest Oliphant

2005 in cities


Edit: NEW PROJECT: There is at least 21,500km between them!

I have not done any kind of year in review writing, but here is a list of thumbnails, one from each city in which I spent at least one night last year:

all you need is love 05-01-04-00-10 jump off ride 2005-01-07 12-29-44 05-01-27_21-13 ate it video cd books lady's black cat yamato suspended animation matt mic check contra dancing in japan long toes green fairy Night clubbin' P7080264 claire & ellen bronze kiss P1010075 chamonix-41 adventure race botaniska aaaaaaaaaand back to bed Susan`s bilder! 080 gerlev PC090073 rock out

(Hover for city name.) It was a trip to put this together. I'm probably missing a couple (like Amsterdam... still have not developed the film!). Thanks, [meme].