Forrest Oliphant

MBK morning


This morning I was sleepily walking the halls after cleaning (7am...
souji time, how Japanese, huh), and the Adventure class teacher said
"you look tired, don't worry, we'll wake you up this morning." So 8am
I go out to Adventure class walking though the frost-stiff grass and
find out that we're to do ten laps of the 1.4k mountain bike circuit.
Fourteen kilometers isn't much on a bike, but it took me an hour (and
forty-four seconds) of rough work to finish, because it's all slowing
down, speeding up, up hills, 'round corners, and all that. There are
no mountains in Denmark, so they had to make everything up on this
circuit, and did a pretty good job. Through the woods, over
buildings, cutting up and down banks (aim right or you'll be in a
bush), across the tops of embankments... all in the frosty morn. It
was a semi-goal of mine to make it around at least once without
putting my feet down, but I didn't.