Forrest Oliphant

I'm a good sore.


Yesterday I climbed the climbing rope to the top.

I could never go anywhere on a climbing rope as a kid. It's such a cliché symbol of an unsurmountable obstacle, I'm sure it has been used in tens of movies and tv shows. Jump, grab, hang, maybe grunt, give up quick. Those Presidential fitness award kids could do it, and the rest of us couldn't. We get another chance with puberty, though. I've probably been able to do it since then, but never had the chance. That's not true, I've played on those ropes with the kids for the past two years.

But yesterday I was alone in the gym, and I realized that I've never actually done it. To go all the way up, and touch the thing at the top... what the hell. I didn't think about it.

So that symbol of childhood frustration has melted away.

Yesterday we also played a funny kind of dodgeball that had no end. One person on your team stands behind the other team, and if you get out you trade with them, but nobody gets out or trades sides. It seems like a lot of games that I get taught here are like that... non-progressing.

The water at Uge was beautiful today. Grey-green & icy clear. The waves were soft and playful. Still learning, still learning. Caught a couple of little ones, and almost caught two real ones, but then at the last moment they decided to see if they could fit up my nose. My tidal neti pot.

I was driving and saw a crow take off from the side of the road. Could a human learn to fly, if they suddenly could? It's seems really complicated, but my argument is that if I can learn to surf, flying wouldn't be much harder.