Forrest Oliphant



I finally figured out how to put java games on my mobile telephone.  Here are the good free ones I've found so far:

  1. 糸通し
    (Thread the Needle) - Like a flight simulator with thread instead of a
    plane.  Who knew a one-button game could be so thrilling?
  2. 3D-SFCave - Same idea as above: press the button to climb, let it go to fall.  You can play this one in your browser too. (via boingboing)
  3. カードパック2005 - Three kinds of solitaire, standard stuff
  4. StopTheMadness - Four-way tetris that I'm pretty sure is impossible to play because of poor game design, but I keep going back.

(I also tried this game called Human Fly about a boy with stretchy arms that likes to see how far he can fling himself.  I was shocked from my naïveté when I finally figured out it was a striptease.)

These will give my keitai some more purpose in life once I leave Japan.  Does anybody know any other good mobile java games?