Forrest Oliphant

folding for peace in 2005


my cranes
my cranes

This was fun... usually origami is a delicate little thing done on the desk with your fingertips... I had to run all over the room and get all up in the big momma to fold her. I got tons of nice words from those who knew, and saw people pointing up all night, and saw lots of folks taking pictures. I even overheard Hanne saying that she would leave it up for a few weeks.

Jan thanked me in passing at the dance, and I said I was just trying to make up for "the thing with the..." and did an wavy sign in the air for the celtic knot I accidentally mowed in one of their hay fields 4.5 years ago. It took him a second to get what I was saying, but then he gave me a big laugh as he walked off.

Thanks to the Folk School and Nanette for giving me the paper and space, Gloria Zmolek for big origami inspiration, and the decoration crew for helping me get them flying, especially Tajia, Anne's grandfather, and my parents.

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