Forrest Oliphant

America: the tour


2005-01-07 12-29-44Satoshi said he wanted to see typical American life, and John just
laughed at him, pointing out that his tour guide is not very typical...
anyhow this is what I could offer...

  1. supper with the family
  2. a visit with mrs. sandburg's goats
  3. old farmer's ball contra dance
  4. cheap gas, cheap beer
  5. party at the hamilton's with acoustic jamming around the bonfire
  6. hot-coal hot-potato
  7. sleeping in a hay loft in a cow barn (he likened it to heidi)
  8. mooing alarm clock of indignant cows
  9. tree house
  10. the life aquatic at the varsity theatre
  11. cosmic cantina!
  12. the hippest bar in carrboro
  13. a livingroom party at the new 505a
  14. ultimate frisbee with mac and friends, he even got to score once or twice
  15. weaver street market lunch and rainbow roll sushi
  16. shrimp and grits

Too bad we couldn't make it to Mal-Wart. Thanks to everybody for being friendly.