Forrest Oliphant

the chances


I was going to blow off the speech contest that I had signed up for a couple of months ago... but I sucked it up and went. It was cool to see the difference in everybody's Japanese levels. Got 10000en for my trouble, which was a nice surprise. I thought we were just going to get a nomikai and free accommodation, which we did, with Cave Beer to boot. I stayed at "Trailer Home One." It was a trailer home. We made ourselves at home.

So with the surprise money I decided to get an oil changed & fill up my tank. I went by the Tutoriba and asked when they closed, went surfing, then back to the station to have the deed done. I was 3km from the 4000km oil-change mark. I walked into the waiting room and read a thumbmail from Mia, who said that Taneichi's team represented at the Taiko fest folks went to in Akita.

I started to write back, but then on the news in the station was the Taneichi team (Taneichi Minamidaiko), and the next shot was Mia, right there on the TV (watching them).

PS: The cost for oil change + gas came out perfect (10000).