Forrest Oliphant

dream hair


I shaved off the sides of my hair, some of it was bleached, some pink (or orange, can't remember which)... I liked it, but wanted to shave the top as well, leaving a patch in the back.

I was driving with G. away from a party, but the party followed in a blue bubble-car, about eight of them, with their shirts off (they had gone to bed at the party, but then got a ride to where we were sleeping). The landscape was sweeping and golden--gently rolling hills. G. & I set off to walk to another place to get away from everybody. There was a long puddle in the road, I could swim quite fast in it face-up, like a back-stoke start(ing body undulation).

We made it to the house that was our destination, and I kissed her. She said "wait," and her cousin poked her head out from behind the couch, then went to draw on a blackboard.