Forrest Oliphant



bday mirror ballfriday - hausparty
saturday - prez. debate; canadian cold medicine
sunday - i woke up happy, then got a "merry xmas" message, reminding me of why... supper at Stella with cheek-reddening bday song sung too loudly then applause from strangers, morioka clubbin' at djbardai &c.
monday - kill bill 1 & 2 back2back... not recommended to watch them that way
today - I had two presents waiting for me at the office today. I didn't have to open either one to know what was inside. The package from my folks had the contents listed on the customs declaration, and the envelope from the HCBOE is my absentee ballot. Don't forget to vote! I mean, I'm pretty cynical about this whole "erection" thing, but I'm going to do my duty so help me. In related news, I heard about this rumor from the secretary at today's school as if it were fact. So I bet it is being reported as fact in the news here. God bless the internets (and their rumors)!