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[ofo] summer is nice


Sorry, long time no update...

Back in June my Mom, Dad and Sister came over to Iwate for a couple of
weeks. We visited my schools and traveled around the prefecture. One of
my favorite parts of having them here was to hear their analysis of what
was going on around us. When I arrived in Taneichi there were a few
things new to me, but overall nothing was too shocking, since I had "done"
Japan before. This was my parents' second visit to Japan, and my sister's
first, so they were able to point out things that I have come to take as
normal. Let's hear what they have to say about the visit, in their own

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There is a lot that has happened since their visit. A bunch of friends
left, and some new ones have been found. I volunteered at the Jazz fest
that I loved so much last year, and had a great time. I've been in the
ocean almost every day, as Summer has been almost perfect. Now the Fall
winds are blowing, so it's about time to get out the full wetsuit and
booties once again. Tonight I have a date with a ukulele player from
Sendai at Tomaya. This weekend I'm taking a little time off to go see the
Kodo Taiko Ensemble on Sado Island, who are apparently the stuff. As I
cruise into my second year, Iwate continues to keep it interesting.


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