Forrest Oliphant



I watched Donnie Darko again for the first time last night, and refell back in love again once more now more than ever before. I'm gonna have to get that soundtrack, itsa damn good mix. (Not that this matters, but it was streaming from my laptop in the kitchen through the ether to my Xbox, which maybe somebody else in the world might find nifty. I just think it's cool that it works.) Two nights ago it was Legends of (Once Upon a Time in) Mexico with Mike, who bought it at Taneichi's Circle-K. That's a sweet film as well... you gotta be in Mexico to get colors like that. I was a little thrown off, because with Johnny D. in the movie I just get the feeling that he is going to end up on top in the end. I guess he does in a way. Also it was kinda funny seeing da Foe in brown-face as a Mexican mafioso, just like the young Charlie H. as Ramon Miguel Vargas in Touch of Evil.