Forrest Oliphant

The Livingroom Candidate


[ edit: Surf class goes rain or shine. Also: speaking of political ads... ]

The first surf class was a washout, boo. I'm gonna go down and see if anybody is in the water, but the rain is really coming down, so I doubt it. In the mean time, check out these political ads from the '52 election.

I Love the Gov' (female jazz singer)

Adlai, love you madly,
And what you did for your own great state,
You're gonna do for the rest of the 48.
Didn't know much about him before he came.
But now my heart's a ballot that bears his name.

Hello Kerry... like totally get a clue. Hire some songwriters for your next ad! Or better yet, some animators and songwriters:

Ike for President (animated song)

You like Ike, I like Ike, Everybody likes Ike—for president.
Bring out the banners, beat the drums,
We'll take Ike to Washington.

These are from The Livingroom Candidate, the complete collection of presidential television campaign ads (c/o The American Museum of the Moving Image, my future employer).