Forrest Oliphant

Surfing and Bodyboarding Classes in Taneichi (Northeastmost Iwate)


Translated (more or less) from サーフィン体験会を開催!~種市海浜公園でサーフィンしよう~

  1. Sponsoring Organization:
    Taneichi Town Tourism Division

  2. Time range:
    July to October

  3. Class dates:
    Jul 11, 18, 25; Aug 1, 22, 29; Sep 12 (all Sundays)
    (each of these dates has a morning course from 10:00 - 12:00 and an afternoon course from 13:00 - 15:00)
      Competition prelims: Oct 3
      Competition: Oct 10 (I don't know much about this competition, but I'll find out about it.)

  4. Details:
    These are classes taught by local surfer dudes in surfing and bodyboarding. There will be boards and wetsuits for you to use (no charge, they belong to the town).
    Meeting Place:
    Taneichi Marine-Side Park (aka Seaside Park, 種市海浜公園), in front of the "Seaside House" (シーサイドハウス)
    The crosshairs are on the meeting place in the park.
    The park is easy enough to find, there are big signs in English and Japanese on the 45 coming from the North and South, and it is about 100 meters from the 45.
    9:00 - gathering and group photo (^o^)/
    10:00 - explanation of agenda, instructor introductions, surfing and bodyboarding personal experience morning course!
    12:00 - class end, lunch break
    13:00 - explanation of agenda, instructor introductions, surfing and bodyboarding personal experience afternoon course!
    15:00 - class end

  5. Eligibility:
    Anybody, middle-school-aged and up, that wants to try surfing or bodyboarding. You have to be able to swim.

  6. Cost:
    Tuition is free (paid by the town), required insurance is 300 yen.

  7. Application:
    Please sign up by the Thursday before the class:

Fax the following info to 0194-65-4334, or telephone 0194-65-5916 (Japanese please. I'll help and give info where I can, but don't want to be responsible for signing folks up, so get your office or a friend to help.)

サーフィン体験会・参加申込み (Surfing Class Application)
(申込み先)種市町観光協会事務局 (Taneichi-town Tourism Division Secretary)
住所 (address):
氏名 (name):
年齢 (age):
職業 (occupation):
連絡先電話番号 (contact phone number):
参加希望日 (the day you want to participate):      月     日
午前 (Morning) 午後 (or afternoon course?) の別 (circle one)
サーフィン (Surfing) ボディーボード (or bodyboarding?) の別などを伝えてください (circle one)

Any questions? Are you coming? Post a comment. Accomodations for Saturday night, if you want to stay over, might be had on my floor (walking distance from the park), otherwise you can camp at the beach park. Hope to see you in the water! - Forrest