Forrest Oliphant

Mom on her visit to Taneichi




It is hard to write on demand you know.

100_0040It was hard to not feel special in Japan. Kids clapping and asking for
our autographs. I realized that an American family is not found there
very often.

100_0048Friends and workers gathering to visit with us... such a nice ego boost
to be the center of attention and for everyone to say how much they liked
Forrest. It made homecoming so hard.

101_0207I tell our friends here that we had the "wild" Japan tour. Up cliffs,
down cliffs, up mountains and down, hiking through the gorge and 101_0129being
picked up by the 'cuckoo' man to be shown the back stage scene of flying
dango. Wasabe land, so green.

Our first Ryokan, scrubbing extra long because you said to.... Claire
saying," I think we have scrubbed twice as long as anyone else, lets go!"

I liked the food adventure too. Am I the only family member to experience
Uni, moving....?

101_0244I was most impressed with the gardens. Any space available had some type
of garden. Flowers and food, I loved walking about the towns.
I would love to live there, if I thought I could ever understand
anything. I was impressed by all the English teachers taking that jump
into such initial isolation.

101_0193The trip made me grateful to experience such a place, knowing that it
would not have happened without you. I'm happy to know where and how you
live, meet some of your friends and co workers and students, and see how
much they like you.

And we like miso soup.