Forrest Oliphant

Wiggle Has Gone Alpha


LOOK! I just released a usable version of the software I have been working on in my downtime at school. I would be much obliged if you were to want to try it out. What does it do, you ask? Well, it lines up a pair of photos and motionblurs between them to give a neato mosquito 3D effect. The idea is "time for space," where time is the animation timeline and space is the distance between your eyes.

First question, for those that want to help right quick: Does this and this screencap look roughly the same in your various browsers? If not, I've screwed something up that needs fixing.

If you want to make your own wiggly things, download it from the Wiggle Release Page (save it, unzip it, and you can figure it out from there). Questions for those that try it out: Does source.html work in your browser? Does it line up your image sets correctly? Would you submit a WiggleSet to be featured on the project page?