Forrest Oliphant

My town stinks.


But only literally, not figuratively. See, today is the day for burning mounds and mounds of wet grass, and nobody wants to be left out of that action, so everybody is getting in on it.

It is so green... like the greenness is going to start spilling over any second and cover everything.
I went rafting on Sunday on a whim, some friends' friends' friends chartered a bus to go down South and West to Yamagata prefecture. The raft guide was a strappy guy with a ponytail that could fool anybody into thinking he was Native American. Very nice chap. That was a good time, and I met lots of new folks with which I'll be surfing, skiing, and otherwise playing. I pity the fool in Iwate (and probably all of Tohoku) that doesn't take advantage of the great outdoors.

At the party at Ali's the night before I think I connected with Doug... I knew when I saw that guy's picture a year ago that he would have something to teach me. That was cool.
And yesterday I convinced to host a project that I am working on for 3D visualization of stereoscopic pairs of photos. I worked on it all day at school today, and got the proof of concept working for left to right, but not near to far. I think that tomorrow at Nakano will give me time to get near to far done--if so I'll post it. This is definitely the most complicated computer project that I have yet taken upon myself, so by correlation it's the most nerdy... but it is already nifty, even though it is just a half-broke proof-of-concept... so we'll see where it goes.
Tonight I'm gonna watch Blue Crush. This morning I got an email that my new wetsuit and booties are on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!