Go see Hero.

HeroOne advantage of living in Japan is that we get Chinese way movies before they come out in the States. Hero was out last Summer, and even though I couldn’t understand most of it it was def. worth seeing. It’s beautiful, and I look forward to understanding the intricacies of the story someday.

Wed & Thu mornings I got up early to get into the water (Friday morning a taifu had blown in, so I chose sleeping in (and, therefore, life)). I think I like the whole “early to bed, early to rise” thing, and it is a lot easier with the surfing as impetus. I bought a wetsuit, booties, and prescription surfing sunglasses almost without thinking about it. I’m looking for a van as well, and hope to find one before all my car taxes are due in October. I had my mind made up to grow my hair again, but it will be a pain to take care of since I’m gonna be in the ocean all the time… so my hair is in limbo again. All of this points down the path to a slippery slope of getting sucked into a particular lifestyle, which makes me chuckle at myself a bit.

This week in my free time at school I learned some JavaScript, which was a pretty direct jump from Flash. Now I’m getting them to play together for the Wiggle project, which might have a usable version within a few days. I still havn’t wrapped my brain around the geometry for depth focusing, but I havn’t lost motivation, so it shall get done.

Thursday I made pizza for the Tofu Expressway Rambling Stringband, and I had some yeast starter left over, so I made pancake batter and stuck it in the fridge. I made the pancakes Friday morning, and they were so good that I thought about them all day. Sometimes that feeling is indigestion, but not this time…. No, this time it was obsession. So yeast-levened pancakes are a winner.
Somebody from my past (Summer of 1999, Ohio) asked if it is weird for me to have so much of my life online. The answer is yes, and perhaps I would like to have less, but I think it is kind of an addiction. Maybe not an addiction, but keeping this thing updated def. shifts my perception of the world. Maybe a good step would be to make all of my entries that are at all personal “friends-only.” But not yet.