This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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I never tried friendster b/c nobody ever told me what it could do, but I found flikr b/c of what it can do (share photos really easily), and later realized that it is kindof a social networking thing. So get on in there!


  • you can upload 100 photos a month (free, I assume more for some kind of subscription in the future)
  • nifty flash interface with chat and stuff
  • post to flickr from mobile phonecam (via email)
  • post directly to livejournal (and other blogs) from flickr
  • they seem to have a good livejournal-esque business ethos (the developers are very open to help and take suggestions, + I think that what is free now will always be free, with value-added funtions later)


  • they resize your photos to 400px max
  • the name, but maybe it will grow on me
  • nobody else I know uses it yet “beta” growing pains

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