Forrest Oliphant

Dear Little Journal,


I found out today that a group of eagles is a convocation. What a majestic-sounding group! Actually, I lied, I learned that yesterday. Also yesterday after work there was a meeting of all the international folk in Taneichi. They like to keep tabs on us, I guess. There are 10 of us, including 2 Chinese, 4 Filipinos, and 3 Peruvians. I guess Robert & I make 11--so maybe we don't count and there is another somewhere--and the kids don't count b/c they are all half Japanese. And cute as buttons! I mean, have you ever seen a half-Japanese half-Peruvian six-year-old wave goodbye saying "Ciao!" ? It should be outlawed, I tell you. Did you know that in Japan bi-racial children are called 半分ちゃん (hanbun-chan)? That translates almost literally to "Halfie," but that sounds a little mean in English, so a better translation might be "Dear Little Halfie."

OK, bye bye!