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Carlin's "seven dirty words" broadened to cover criticizing the president.


I don't care about Howard Stern. I'm not a fan; I've never heard the show. What little I have heard him say I have found mildly offensive in that trying-really-hard-to-be-offensive kind of way.

This week I heard two new items about the man. The first, earlier this week, was that Stern was saying some very anti-Bush stuff on the air. Stern, a long-time Republican, is not a sheep, so whatever, good for him. The second, a little later in the week, was about how Clear Channel is pulling his show from their markets.

The news articles link his being pulled to Janet's boobie hatch flap mishap, saying that broadcasters are stiffening their self-regulation of decency standards. Clearly nobody at Clear Channel Communications ever for a moment thought that Stern's show was decent, but his anti-Bush comments were unacceptable to company leadership. Janet's nipple caused political shockwaves, and the opporitunity arose to exploit that. Thus something "terrifying" justifies pushing a seemingly unamerican political agenda.
QED... Janet/Justin : Stern :: 9-11 : Saddam

The bright side of this is that Stern is now hot news, and his anti-Bush message will reach an audience multitudes wider than his listening audience. And don't color me surprised if some embarrassing documents surface linking Stern's pink slip to the White House via the FCC.

In related comics today:

This is funny, b/c this is from today so it must have been have been penned a week before Stern was pulled.

get fuzzy 2004-02-27
"Why are people more angry about the nudity than the violence?"