Forrest Oliphant

I swear to you! This is a dream!


03_12_04_15_36My dream as I was oversleeping this morning... I wanted to make a movie of me causing a ruckus in a public place in Japan. I decided to do it in the lobby of a huge hotel. Anyhow, I tripped on the carpet runner at the top of the stairs and slid down and down and down--I think there were 600 steps--pulling the runner with me. As I slid I closed my eyes. At the bottom of the steps, the staff of the hotel advanced towards me. Later. Standing in an entryway with a group of foreigners. A girl that I know well tells me that she really liked my movie. "But I made it in a dream... this is my dream!" I insist, but she just laughs me off. "Fine, I'll just tell you next time I see you when we are both awake. Then you'll know." Then. I am on a bridge looking across the water at the city, and realize that I need to be awake and heading to work. I succeed in waking myself from the dream by inhaling my chewing gum. The problem. So I'm awake now for real, but this girl... who was she? I have no clue. I'm sure that I have never seen or met this person. Same thing a few nights ago, I dreamt that I was at the folk school, and everybody (four people, including my own mother) telling me that I should marry this girl (her name was either Peach or Ginger). In the dream I had known her my whole life (well, her whole life, she was a few years younger than I). I had never thought of her that way, but everybody pushing me that way made me really want something to work. In reality... this person does not exist, as far as I know.