friendly symmetrical faces

I went to Beyond, the Jazz Bar in Kuji, last night for the first time. I said “hey, let’s play the name game” as a joke but then it happened. I haven’t played that for years and years, maybe I’ll play it with the kids one of these days. Anyhow, I got to showing off the ol’ keitai, and took and manipulated these pics for everybody’s fun and enjoyment pleasure.


I emailed my friend that picture from my dream, and said 「これの写真は夢で撮った」 (“I took this picture in my dream”), but my Japanese must not have connected, b/c she wrote back saying 「すご~いきれいな写真ありがとう v(^-^)v 部屋から海見えるなんてすてき!」 (“thanks for the pretty picture 🙂 it sure is nice that you can see the sea from your room!”). Oh, the joys of communication in other languages!