Forrest Oliphant

dream to antartica


There was a huge game of Octopus (which looked a lot like Red Rover) involving people that I know from High School, Chapel Hill, and Japan. John F. was playing piano on the sidelines, and I tried to help play, but the low end of the keyboard was covered in a shadow, so I couldn't see it. But I do remember playing the blues riff that is the only thing I know how to play in real life.

I got out of the shower with no shame, just asked where a towel might be.

Then four or five of us were in Antartica. It was really nice there. There was a huge waterfall, and opposite that a huge rock slide that matched the water fall. Down by the coast there was a water slide, but it was full of water, so I nudged it and then there was no water. I ran and slid, realizing that the friction might be high, squeaking as I hit the slide.