crazy things happen

lamar is my agent, but he drinks a little too much and tells slow, awkward jokes. says he was down with marcel back in the day, but he might be just talkingI was reading an article across the room from my friend falling asleep in bed; I had a guitar solo of Blackberry Blossom stuck in my head, playing over and over, and M. asked me if I was playing the guitar. M. thought I was playing the song that our friend was playing last night on his mandolin. Blackberry Blossom. I can’t even believe it, but it just happened so I guess I have to.

I am coming down from a good weekend of music performing and jamming. This morning E., two people from his *yakuba*, and myself played four songs in his town’s culture festival as Mr. Waln’s Mystery Band. They played fiddle and accordion in Irish style, E. is more bluegrassy, and my old-time frailin’ self… Mix well and practice twice and you’ve got a band! Of sorts. It was good fun to play and sing, I even stepped up to the mic. Shady Grove got ridiculously fast for some reason, we did three verses and choruses in about thirty-five seconds. We also played Turkey in the Straw, Sally’s Garden, and Akanbo. I had never played any of those songs in those keys before this weekend, so it was a good challenge.

This morning, the night before at the Kawai culture festival with The Ramblers, and the street performance fest in Hachinohe with D. make three times that I have performed in public with a willing (?) audience. I might be getting used to it, but so far it has been a little tough to relax, which causes my playing to suffer and probably gives me a funny face.

I didn’t take any pictures, but others did and I’ll gank them soon enough.