the news update this morning

Mike Oliphant and Cindy Bock look at plans for the new Mountain Community School on Wednesday. They're standing at the site of the new school, off Glover Street near Jackson Park. (PATRICK SULLIVAN / TIMES-NEWS)In mountain / family news, my dad was in the local paper sporting my vest. Congratulations on getting closer to having the new building! … In calligraphy news, the teacher that from which I took a Chinese calligraphy class at UNC contacted me to ask permission to maybe use a picture of me in an article that she is submitting to “East Asian Calligraphy Education.”

Dear Forrest,

This is Prof. Li in Asian Studies at UNC. You took a Chinese calligraphy course with me in the spring of 2002. I hope this is the right email address for you. The reason I am contacting you now is that I am submitting an article on calligraphy education to be published in a book entitled East Asian Calligraphy Education, and I would like to include some of the pictures I took during that course in the article. One of the pictures I really like shows your posture of writing. I took the pictures during the mid-term and gave everybody a copy. Do you remember or still have the picture? Anyway, I would like to get your permission to use the picture in the book. If you do not mind, could you get back to me on this?

By the way, the book will be published sometime next year. If your picture does appear there and you want the information of the book, I can send it to you. It’s a great picture!

I hope things are going well with you.


Wendan Li
Asian Studies

Certainly moving up in the world, yes yes.