rambling (stringband, but mostly rambling)

Satoshi is about to come over “to try vegetarian food.” I made hummus last night, so I’ll give him some of that. I never really thought about it till today, but my Japanese friends never invite me to their houses. I guess they know that Westerners go to each other’s houses regularly, and that we don’t have a problem with it. I don’t,,, but it is still kind of strange that I’m always the one entertaining. Not that that takes any resources to accomplish–they never come empty-handed. I’m not complaining, even if it sounds like I am… just wondering.

The teach with which there was friction called earlier this evening to tell me that she can’t give me a lunchbox present that she bought for me in Yokohama b/c the teach with which there was rumors might get even more all up in her biznass. I don’t know what my responsibility is to that whole situation. The later is causing the former stress. I work with the former more than any other teacher, I don’t work with the later. I can’t say I know wtf is going on. Did find it funny that she was calling me to tell me that she couldn’t give me a present.

There will be a gathering at my place this Friday, then our first gig in Hachinohe at the Street Festival Saturday. We haven’t decided on a name yet, my favorite incorporates everybody’s suggestions…

“The High Lonesome Tofu Expressway Rambling Stringband”

… nice ring to it, yeah? But I bet it will just be one of those things that depends on who you ask and the tides.

All is well in love and war.