Forrest Oliphant

priority mail...


I sent in the signed obligation thing today to the teaching in Japan people. My life now has definition and direction for at least the next 18 months. I'm planning on going to the mountains this weekend to dance at Warren Wilson and the Folk School and get a chunk of content for should be a good weekend.

Friday I danced at the Carrboro Century Center. At first I was too tired, plus my weight-bearing right wrist was hurting, so I just became a wallflower and watched and listened. I dozed off a little bit, and had funny little dreams with dance music and dancer's voices interjecting.

I wanted to dance, so I went to CVS and got a brace, which helped. I asked new people to dance, which has always been a little tough for me. They invited me to jam Sunday, and that was a blast.

Dancing and jamming helped heal my soul from the beach vacation.