[email protected] wrote:
> leave durham. You are experiencing massive soul loss just by living

Sarah D wrote:
> take care, forresto and dont let durham steal your soul.

in the email directly in front of yours in line,
but if two is a coincidence, three is a sign,
so I waited to see
what the next would be

a stunted limerick sprung forth from that, no help by me, xcept the last line i guess. but it did strike me as funny and weird me out a little. if i wasn’t having a good time i might take those two emails as a cue to leave, but as it is… i need a savior… jesus where are you?

seriously, a whole new scene and crowd of folks i’ve stumbled into backwards, i call it the durham nonprofit scene, and its really great. tech consulting jobs with real people keep falling in my lap, and they are all circles of friends, and so much more diversity than chapel hill carrboro ever seemed to grant me

not that i hold it against chapel hill carrboro for not having enough diversity, the circles just didn’t line up correctly, ya know? the crowd there is pretty damn pasty and heterosexual; this i can see now

but yes, you did make me see the light a little, and i won’t get my soul sucked out by this place. i see it shifting and getting infused by lots of new people, but they are damn good folks from what i can tell. as for the city itself, who is to say that there is not some soul-building qualities to living in a soulless world

mysha and i had a falling out, we have not spoken since last wednesday. it was bad, b/c we didn’t have anything real to fall out about, so it just deteriorated into taking cheap jabs designed to hurt each other’s feelings and make each other depressed. but i think we might talk this weekend