Forrest Oliphant

47 degrees and holding.(?)


===That's how cold it is in the house.
---Last night I rode home from graham st, and most of the way back is still without power. I stood in the middle of the 5-way intersection of weaver, main, and that other road, and urinated... that was nice, I guess.
***In the patches without power I marveled at the stars... so freaking many for the city... Last night was the Baroque concert. It was supposed to be in the church near schoolkids on franklin, but it was moved to hillhall. In the church lawn looking up, tho, was the most stars ever seen on Franklin st.
+++I hung out at Graham St, which has become the "shelter" ... My house went to the woods house, but I didn't feel like it would be right for me to go, so I went home (peed in the road), but they had stolen my sleeping bag. I tried to sleep with my two filmsy blankets, but it was too damn cold (47do), so I slept between my futons, made a little half-pipe igloo, which was quite effective.
###My hands are cold, and I am going to campus now to be productive where there is power.