Forrest Oliphant



Had class in the morning, then set off to tour Deadline Productions, which supplies TV2 with news clips. The office is trendy, an old converted attic with sufficient newsroom bustle feel to it. We learned about the moral dilemmas that sometimes face newsmen, like making something seem bad that really isn't, or should local industry not be exposed because it provides local jobs... And we also learned more about why America sucks.

Fine, I admit it... Norway is perfect (excepting the weather of course, and that's a big excepting).

Go to the movies with the class, and see Badly Drawn About a Boys Will Be Boys. I think the title is somewhere in there. I'm pretty sure that I am an island as well. It was crazy seeing all those images on London (the kid even lives in Islington), and walking out of the theater I was a bit discombobulated to see Trondheim.