Forrest Oliphant

Thursday – Afghan Kitchen


Today I got up early to get some last minute studying in for the exam. We have four in this trip: British Film and TV History, British Contemporary Film and TV, and Scandinavian Contemporary and History.

After class I went to meet Dorothy B and Jon T at Granta in Islington, and we went to the Afghan Kitchen for lunch. This place is super chic and trendy-looking... not that I expected it to look like a bombed-out cave or anything, but it was about the opposite. I got pumpkin and yogurt, which was darn tasty. Jon observed that I always seem to pick the best thing. I was thinking about what they got before I realized that that was a kindova funny thing to say. I don't feel like I always choose the best thing, but I guess that it might seem that way to an outsider. My life is perfect, is that my fault? J/k.

Said my see-you-soons to Dorothy and fare-thee-wells to Jon and slowly made my way through The Borough of Islington in the direction of Regents Park, which I heard was very nice. I recommend it... look for the white pigeon. The weather is beautiful, but ominous clouds move in as soon as I make it into the park. I shared a bench with an elderly lady, and we talked about the white pigeon, but then she had to go, so we said goodbye. That little conversation gave me another tiny seed of hope for the city.