Forrest Oliphant

Saturday – Utopia for a Day


Slept like a rock, though the silence could have been deafening. Wake up at breakfast time, and sit with the family and have homemade bread and muesli with fresh yogurt and berries.

Went for a walk with the oldest daughter of Per, a child, the American, and a dog. We collect wild blåbær blueberries and munch on wild jordbær strawberries (you were right, Ingmar B, they are quite nice) and raspberries. Skip rocks in a stream and marvel at the natural beauty of the whole thing.

Played banjo for the family, and they seemed to enjoy it immensely. I promise a Centipede's Shoestrings CD as soon as we get around to recording it.


They harvest power from waterfalls here, and you don't have to worry about swallowing water if you go swimming, and the fish are OK to eat. As I type this it is 10:30pm the setting sun still lights the mountain on the other side of the fjord (that is right out my window). Norway has problems of course, and the utopia is somewhat propped up by oil; but at least for a day I have felt it.