Forrest Oliphant

Monday – Flying Machine


First day of class. The best speaker yet comes in and talks about the TV system here, specifically commercials. Take everything you know about commercialism and erase it. Aaaaah, isn't that nice? The main premise is that it is important for the consumer to know by whom they are being addressed at any particular moment in time. So you will never see an actor ask for a Pepsi, commercials are banned completely during the news, and it is illegal to advertise to children. She asked us if there were any laws like that for American children... Ha. That's the majority of stateside TV, am I right? And giant corporations control all of our major news outlets, so exactly who is it addressing us??? Augh... It's that old flying machine, and we are sitting in it, pushed off the cliff, and man oh man are we flying.

Just don't look down, OK?