Forrest Oliphant

Friday – Lucky Mistakes, Lucky Solutions


I hoppe on a sykkle and ride to the station to figure out which bus to take. They tell me the 4pm one, but they must have thought I wanted Hjelset, because the one to Hendset does not leave until 4:10. I learned this at 4, so I'm glad it didn't leave at 3:50. So I get on the bus and sleep a little, but the bus is in the middle of nowhere when I am supposed to be getting off and catching a ferry. I worry a little bit, but what can I do?

So it's the end of the line, but we are in Aure, which is not where I am supposed to be. Another passenger must have made the same mistake from the way she is stamping her foot and talking into her cell phone to her mother. "You are in Aure. Henset is here," emotes the busdriver in response to my incredulity to the end of the line situation.

So the bus driver (bless his soul) calls a cab on the company tab for the girl and I, and we talk for a little while waiting. Turns out she works for NRK radio, and NRK is the national broadcaster in Norway of which we have learned so much. So we exchange info and make plans to meet and I am going to get a tour of the station sometime next week. Won't Hap be proud.

Turns out the Taxi driver knows my host (small island).

Per is waiting at the ferje ferry stop, and I am late so I feel bad. I get Katrina to tell Per the story and say see you soon to her. Per and I head up the hill and we reestablish our relationship as being friend of distant cousin. Apparently another distant cousin is also staying here this week.

I am amazed at the scenery, and the stille silence of the area.

They have a typical Norwegian-simplicity designed house on the homestead, which overlooks a fjord. There are lots of family and/or farmhands around (I have not quite sorted out who is who), and there is a small evening meal before we sit around and talk until midnight or so. It still looks dusky, but I don't think I'll have any trouble falling asleep tonight.