Forrest Oliphant

fjord swimming



Apparently the amazingly perfect weather is an anomaly. Usually in summer, they say, there is always clouds or rain, and you never even see colors. This summer the beauty of the sunny days is obscuring the fact that there is a drought, and they are a little afraid that the well might dry up. Some of the other families on the island have had to drill deeper this year... they haven't had a summer like this since the 1930s.

We take the two small girls down to the river for a swim where the fresh water collides with the salt fjord. The water is cold, but nothing a mountain boy can't handle. You can see the different layers of water, I think the salt water is under the fresh, and they refract light differently... at least that is my theory. Dry off in the sun, and head back, finding some skogsbær and playing fetch with the dog on the way.