Forrest Oliphant

Day 09 – Sunday – Make resolution to play as much as possible.


Head out on my first run here in the capitol. My target is Hyde Park, but I have to wheeze through gross city streets to get there. Dorothy says that breathing in the city is the equivalent to smoking a pack and a half a day. I sure won’t need a patch or gum to quit tho, so it’s not that equivalent... just a ticket to Norway. That is coming up Saturday, and I am very psyched to be there. London is fun, but way too... too city, ya know?

Anyways, I was running in what I was pretty sure was the right direction, and suddenly was engulfed by thousands of people coming the opposite direction through the streets. I hear music, and figure that it must be the concert that was on “The Box” (like MTV) when I left the flat. It was almost over, and the whole place was a freakin flood of humanity exodising themselves from the premise.

I fought my way through the humanity, got verbally assaulted by some middle aged teeny boppers (ew) and eventually popped out in a less crowded area of the park. I was running along the water, and came upon a crowd of skaters. There were people of all shapes, sizes, and colors dancing and playing on both inlines and quads. Across the path were some breakdancers. I decided to rest for a bit in the grass and soak in the spectacle, taking notes on both the skating moonwalk and the headstand slide. It was awesome to see everybody learning from each other and... playing.