Forrest Oliphant

Day 08 – Salmon Saturday


Walked miles, without any particular destination. Ended up in the middle of Hyde Park, but didn’t know it until walking around for a bit. Hyde park is huge, and the air quality measurably better (I would bet) than anywhere else within walking distance.

I made my way up to Marleybone (sp?) and Bell Street to get potlucky with that crowd. Jon T just got into town this morning, and is passed out behind the couch. He valiantly stays asleep through much rustling about and supper planning. He doesn’t even twitch, maybe we should check his pulse? Ah, he is breathing, that’s a good sign.

We go to the grocery & abc stores, and plan supper in the aisles. Everybody else pushing around us seems to be rushed and pissed off and bored, so I feel like we are an island of good karma in the midst of the grime.


After supper we went to the salmon bar, and danced some, but it was too crowded. To get there we took a typical red double-decker bus, my first time. It felt like we were going to run over everything because of the perspective, but I talked myself into just letting it go, because everything was surely in control.

At the bus stop:
We are in LONDON! Yeah! - Jon T
Who would have known? - Dorothy B
(Grin) - Forresto