Forrest Oliphant

Day 05 – BBC & 3D Space


We didn’t have to get to class until noon, and it was very nice to sleep in. We barely managed to get all sixteen of us on the tube and not leave anybody behind, but we made it to the BBC. Heightened security in “this modern world” saw us through metal detectors and x-rays before we could get in. We toured a few different studios and saw how stuff works around there.

Ever since “militant lesbians” stormed the new studio in the mid-eighties they have made the news desk secure, separate from the news room. But they wanted to keep that news-roomy feeling, so they project video from the newsroom onto a backdrop. So, if you were ever wondering what was wrong with that BBC news picture, that is the inside scoop. Not that it ever bothered me before, but now it seems quite washed-out and fake. It bothers me, now it should bother you too.

We then went to the science museum and saw a Lockheed-Martain-NASA-ISS-Imax production. Oh it was 3D as well. Remember all of those gimmicky videos of the astronauts playing with toys and food in 0G that always made you want to be an astronaut? Well I thought the genre was dead, but this perpendicular polarization 3D Imax cinema technology has definitely breathed new life into it. It also was beautifully utopian in its description of the whole international space station, how everybody loves each other and they are going to make life better for anyone. For those of us sceptical of those utopian delusions, there are always the floating water blobules.

I wanna go to spaaaaace.